Introduction to Templates

Templates are one of the most important parts of any blog. These instructions will assist you in uploading a template to a Blogger blog. Blogger templates are design customizations to the service which can enhance the user's experience and coordinate a structured layout which is appealing to visitors. Before you start you must have 'chosen a template from one of the many galleries and archives available online.

Uploading Template to Blogger

  • First step is to locate the HTML editor from your Blogger Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML
  • You must now click the 'Browse' button and locate the .XML Template file on your computer.
  • Upon selecting this press the 'Upload' button.
  • It will now give you a message you can choose to delete current widgets or keep them.
  • This decision should save your new template. It's now active so view your blog to see the changes.

Rearranging Content

You do not need to further edit the HTML past this point, unless you wish to upload a new template and repeat the previous process. Simply take path from the Blogger Dashboard > Design > Page Elements to rearrange the items on your page to suit your needs. The bulk of the content can also be modified through the HTML editor.