Here's an exciting list of some of the featured templates we've brought together because of their stunning design characteristics. Each of these has a unique flavour which we feel gives it an edge and a bit of spike to emphasise the content of your blog or website.

Zinmag Futura

Reflected with natural colours and a hint of deep red this is a very unique template which boasts a very structured and professional feel whilst keeping a creative and harmonistic composition.


An elegant and corperate template which could be used for a news company or business. A deep red and some nice colour combinations are present.


A fun and creative design with some innovative effects which really bring this template to life. Perfect for artistic or photographic purposes.


A gadget-based and themed design with a nice eye-capturing blur and a professional feel. Good for providing information about a technology based company or business.

These are just some of the captivating template designs available for your blog/website. Why not take the time to browse the rest of our collection? Finding the perfect template for you can seem daunting but it is often the most critical aspect of a website to do correctly.